Lake Superior Day Sunday

COPPER HARBOR — Community volunteers, along with the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative, will celebrate the world’s largest freshwater lake ...

Moving on to states

HANCOCK — Whether it has been at the plate or on the mound, Hans Stimac has proven himself to be one of the more reliable players for the ...

My Friend Ted

Over the last 11 years I’ve used my public platform of Family Matters to write about many topics from childhood indiscretions, bullying and my ...

Officers can help traffic flow

To the editor: In reference to the Friday, July 7, front-page article stating that the Hancock police are citing motorists for ignoring NO LEFT TURN signs. May I ...

It all turns on the resurrection

Bible says soul lives on forever

State Police marking 100 years of service

Enviro problems at former bases should be funded

Supporting free speech keeps us strong

In early 2006, the City Club of Cleveland invited President George W. Bush to speak. At the time, this invitation was a controversial one, as the Iraq War was ...

Trust fund account plan will save Social Security

Health care fight: Washington at worst

Will G-20 isolation on climate change strengthen the U.S.'s position as a world leader?