Plug-in solar saves big bucks

HOUGHTON – Solar power is gaining popularity all over the world for many reasons, two of which are it saves money, and it leaves no carbon ...

Houghton pounces Kingsford 9-3

IRON MOUNTAIN — Kingsford got to watch the Houghton Gremlins Show on Tuesday. The Flivvers (3-1-1) wished they missed the episode in a 9-3 ...

The Quincy mine faces hard times

By the end of the 1920s, very few mines in Michigan’s Copper Country were still operating. On the hill above Hancock, the Quincy mine had truly ...

Make Yooper Loop a roundabout

To the editor: I recently experienced Green Bay’s new roundabout traffic system. All traffic flows one-way counterclockwise. There are no lights or stop signs, ...

FLEX promotes understanding

Easy process for Red Kettle giving

Green economy spreads green to everybody

For a few months now, the Keweenaw Climate Community (KCC) group has held a series of discussion-centered events about what activities and topics the community can ...

Like it or not, recounts are part of process

New UPHS CEO should stay in touch

5 freedoms in 1 beautiful amendment

What a thing of beauty, our First Amendment. Think about it: In only 45 words, it lays out five constitutional rights. Congress shall make no law respecting an ...

‘Hamilton,’ Trump and misconstrued diversity

Trump techniques to control media

Robert L. Wahmhoff

BARAGA – Local tree farmer Robert L. Wahmhoff, 78, of Baraga, passed away on Monday, December 5, 2016, at home following a lengthy illness. He was born on ...

William Joseph Pelto, Jr.

Mandy Sue Kela

How many holiday parties will you attend this season?