Still perfect

HANCOCK — For 16 minutes Monday evening, the Hancock Bulldogs girls basketball team took advantage of their home court and some severely cold shooting by the ...

The Great Depression brought changes

The Lake Superior Copper Country had seen hard times since it was opened by the government in 1843. The Civil War had brought frequent labor ...

Immortal God cannot die

To the editor: A letter (Dec. 24) correctly defended belief in the creator. The only error was its claim that God “came to our Earth to die on a cross ...

Ignorance of law is no excuse

System unfair to those accused

New speeds will require better drivers

Inauguration takeaway lesson: Power in unity

Man of words gave his daughter Kindle

The first time I met Barack Obama was in early 2006, when he was still a U.S. senator. He had come to Cincinnati to help out my husband, Sherrod Brown, in ...

Trying different way could be start of something big

Lust for respect makes unity difficult

Will ‘Wonder Woman’ improve on DC’s previous films?

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