High interest in local labor market needs

HANCOCK — After a trade show career day hosted by the Copper Country Intermediate School District, Superintendent George Stockero decided 10 months ago to survey ...

The Great Depression brought changes

The Lake Superior Copper Country had seen hard times since it was opened by the government in 1843. The Civil War had brought frequent labor ...

Ignorance of law is no excuse

To the editor: I write today to clear up misinformation that was stated in a front page’s article. Jan. 19, “New Calumet chief removed on technicality,” Dave ...

System unfair to those accused

Institutionalizing children

New speeds will require better drivers

After they narrowly passed the Legislature in December, Gov. Rick Snyder has signed the bills to raise speed limits on certain Michigan highways. His spokeswoman ...

Inauguration takeaway lesson: Power in unity

New VA program in Iron Mountain a positive move

Lust for respect makes unity difficult

“For many years,” Donald Trump tweeted Sunday afternoon, “our country has been divided, angry and untrusting. Many say it will never change, the hatred is too ...

Trump thinks we’ve been chumps in global trading

Trump’s plan to neuter press corps

Will ‘Wonder Woman’ improve on DC’s previous films?

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