Hug your children

To the editor:

With the recent events in Newtown, Conn., I am compelled, as well as all of you I’m sure, to ask why? In the course of only a few minutes, 20 children, babies, along with the brave teachers protecting them, lost their lives. As previous events of other school, mall, theater shootings our hearts went out to the families affected. All of these have still seemed a world away. What happened there, even with the distance separating our communities, had to have touched us all as if it happened here.

In the months to come, I am sure you will hear more about gun control and legislation to help combat these situations. We in the Copper Country and the Keweenaw Peninsula are fortunate to have professional and dedicated public safety services. I’ve witnessed and do have knowledge that these public safety organizations regularly practicing responses to such emergency events.

I would expect that every location in the Keweenaw Peninsula involved with either teaching or supervising our children will assess and update their procedures in light of what happened in Connecticut. Please ensure to investigate their findings and apply them for the Keweenaw.

If you believe you may now have a weakness in any plan of action, I hope you have identified, shared with others and are seeking realistic resolutions. Our children are our future. They are counting on us to protect them.

Please keep the families in Connecticut in your prayers and hug your children.