Time to be proactive

To the editor:

Those of you reading this and alarmed by what I advocate should consider the well-being of those prevented from taking any and all measures necessary to protect both the served (students) and those serving (teachers, administrators and support staff).

I am a Marine veteran. I was a teacher in the public schools for 30 years. I was forced into improvising how to protect the students “in loco parentis” of my school from this senseless violence.

Our school personnel are prohibited from being equipped to prevent great bodily harm, even death. The political response is to enact gun control laws, trading for what may seem as a safety measure. This will not work, because those having this desire will be resourceful – think prohibition and black market.

It is time to become proactive with measures to prepare for this evil. First, start by teaching students how to protect themself. The police show up as quickly as they can but it’s usually after the violence is over. Secondly, I know what it is to be subjected to tear gas. Why shouldn’t every classroom be equipped with this as a non-lethal way of protection? Some may say perpetrators would get a mask to protect them. I may be wrong but I don’t think there is a video game that teaches the player how to practice controlling oneself under those circumstances, yet there are plenty sold, even given as gifts for Christmas and birthdays that teach how to kill without regard.

Another measure to be implemented is lawful concealed carry. I’m not advocating all teachers, administrators and support staff unwilling to be trained to carry, but those that are willing should be in training immediately. I am sure there is a myriad of protective measures beyond what I’ve suggested.

The complexity of this issue to those outside the immediate surroundings of our school buildings is multi-faceted: a) where did the guns come from, b) how could this happen, c) what went wrong in this person’s life, d) who should have seen this coming but didn’t, e) when will this madness end? Meanwhile, for those on the inside the subject at hand is quite simple: provide the ability to respond with “whatever it takes,” “no holds barred,” “to the end” to protect your most precious. A child’s innocence is worthy of this endeavor. Be dutiful. Engage.