Impressed with local business

To the editor:

I wanted all of the Copper Country to know how blessed we are to have Helen Nevanpera’s shop By Nature in Houghton.

The day before we came up here this fall, I went to the dentist who recommended two homeopathic magnesium products which I was to start on immediately. I went to two fairly large health food stores and neither carried what I was looking for. I was very disappointed as I was having some terrible cramping and tooth pain. I told my husband I would have to order it online and then wait days to get it.

The next day at 7 p.m., after getting semi-settled in our Chassell home, I called the store hoping the store hours were part of the message. My intention was to call the store as soon as they opened the next morning, to see if they had what I needed (I was sure they would not have it if the huge stores downstate didn’t have it).

Helen answered the phone at 7 p.m. on a Wednesday evening and yes, she had both of the homeopathic magnesium pellets I was looking for. I went to the store as soon as they opened the next morning and Laura showed me how to open the tube and take out the pellets (they are concentrated small balls about the size of the head of a pin), warning me not to touch them with my fingers. I knew that but had forgotten it, so it was a much-needed reminder.

I was very impressed that they had the products, knew about the pellets, and very caringly showed me how to get the product out of the tube.

Thank you Helen and Laura Nakkula at By Nature.

Carolyn Tormala