Successful Adopt-a-Pet for K-SNAG

HOUGHTON – Recently, six kittens were found on a pillow on Holland Street in Hancock. They were newborns and still had the umbilical cords attached. The cats were brought to the attention of the Keweenaw Spay Neuter Assistance Group, which has since placed all six kittens.

This is the purpose of K-SNAG – to find loving homes for animals, as well as have them spayed or neutered.

To help find homes, K-SNAG held an Adopt-a-Pet event on Saturday at the Copper Country Veterinary Clinic and at Erickson Feed, Seed and Pet Supply.

K-SNAG co-founder Dawn VerBerkmoes said she likes to hold the Adopt-a-Pet event as often as she can.

“Any opportunity where we can get our animals out and have an opportunity to be seen, we’ll be there,” VerBerkmoes said.

K-SNAG is an all-volunteer organization that mainly relies on fundraisers to raise money for vet bills.

“We start as early as when the snow is going and we keep going until the snow starts,” she said.

The volunteers, who also provide foster homes for the animals, often buy food and other necessities for the animals and the organization, like paper and stamps.

Out of the 103 animals helped by K-SNAG in 2012, all but 20 were adopted. Currently, there are at least 22 cats waiting for a home. These cats are currently in the care of K-SNAG volunteers.

“We try to do as much advertising as we can, but there are just more cats than people looking,” VerBerkmoes said. Almost all of the cats brought to K-SNAG have already been spayed or neutered.

In addition to looking for homes, K-SNAG is also looking for volunteers and people willing to be a foster home for animals.

VerBerkmoes said the kittens that come into the care of K-SNAG almost always get adopted, but she is concerned about the older cats, as they are harder to integrate into homes that already have cats.

“Adult cats are often overlooked and yet they make great companions and are much easier to care for than kittens,” VerBerkmoes said.

VerBerkmoes also doesn’t prefer the option of putting the animals to sleep.

“They’re nice cats,” she said. “Why should they have to die because nobody else wants them?”

The biggest solution to the animal overpopulation, though, is getting animals spayed or neutered.

“The main reason we started K-SNAG is to help with getting animals spayed or neutered so they wouldn’t have to go to a shelter,” she said.

K-SNAG volunteer Mary Nuttall said she enjoys participating in the Adopt-a-Pet event because it lets her get to know people with similar interests.

“I see people I know, I meet new ones,” Nuttall said. “It’s always nice to visit with people who love animals.”

In addition to being a volunteer, Nuttall also fosters animals and helps with rummage sales to raise money.

“There are few people who belong to K-SNAG,” Nuttall said. “We’re spread kind of thin somedays.”

The next Adopt-a-Pet event will be 9 a.m. until noon Saturday at the Copper Country Veterinary Clinic. The event will be to showcase adult cats only.

To contact K-SNAG about adopting a pet, call Dawn VerBerkmoes at 296-9144.