Picked to announce the end of the age

To the editor:

In my mind today, I was on the highest ridge in the world watching the sun come up in the East displaying itself then going down in the West, and at the same time revealing to me creation from start to the very end.

We are all given our own God and that God is no better than we make him. Example: A man came running up to me one day and told me he was an atheist. I told him I understand. He said, “What do you mean you understand?”

I explained we are told the human mind uses eight percent to ten percent of their brain power. I’m told by my God that is not true. A human mind has the ability to go from one to 30 percent and above. And if you are an atheist that also tells me you’re only using one percent and he wanted to beat up on me.

Sitting on that ridge I was taken back to where it all began. The aging process grows day by day and nothing lasts forever. As a species living in this dimension we are all glued together.

Everything belongs to a spiral system with advantages and disadvantages.

And today we are watching democracy attack itself. Two huge powers that are not tangible brought everything into existence because one had to destroy the other and my God tells me I was picked to announce the end of the age.

Addendum: Don’t worry about it. There’s a higher dimension much better than here on earth and I’m told Christ will be there.

Mr. President all guns will be on this planet until the end of the age.


Grand Haven