Taxation without representation

To the editor:

I was amazed when reading about the Houghton Keweenaw Trails in the Daily Mining Gazette printed as a center fold advertisement on Dec. 24, 2012.

Fellow property tax payers, please pay attention. There are several tangents I could write about, but this writing will stick to issues that I believe are paramount to my fellow taxpayers.

First let us examine who the board of directors is comprised of. Two members selected by legislative bodies to represent summer motorized interests. Two members – summer non-motorized interests. Two members – winter motorized interests. Two members – winter non-motorized interests. One member selected by the members of the board. Notice, there is not one private property owner represented by the board. Yet, in section 5 of Article V, under “powers and duties” it states, “Before a proposal for a tax to fund the activities of the authority …” You see, it is through yet another property tax that they will fund unnecessary jobs for yet another bureaucracy, plus charge user fees. Doesn’t the (Michigan Department of Natural Resources) have enough employees to manage this?

It states, “To be eligible for the Board, an application must be submitted to the respective County Board of Commissioners with a letter of endorsement by the interest group to be represented.” To me it is very clear this is a special interest authority which will be funded by public tax dollars and by way of grants (which are tax dollars that should be returned to the people who paid them).

To conclude, I pose this question to my fellow taxpayers: Was this country not founded on the principle of taxation without representation? Each time we allow yet another bureaucracy to form, we are giving up more of our freedoms and tax dollars, without the ability to influence what they do with them.

Naomi Leukuma