Volunteers help preserve native species

To the editor:

Throughout the past two summers, many local residents and visitors have answered the call for volunteers and generously contributed many hours of their time to remove non-native invasive plants such as the infamous garlic mustard and spotted knapweed at local parks, woodlots, forest roads, shorelines, yards, roadsides and other habitats. Their efforts have helped reduce the spread of these and other invasive plants in the Copper Country.

A huge thank you to all who helped with these efforts including the media for publicizing events (The Daily Mining Gazette, and WLUC-TV6), businesses that put up fliers, Portage Lake District Library and Calumet Public School Library for offering invasive plant presentations, Houghton Keweenaw Conservation District and members of Keweenaw Invasive Species Management Area for their support, and the numerous individuals, many of whom are listed below, who were out rain or shine on hands and knees removing plants: Steve Albee, Evan Allen, Fahimeh Baziar, Becky Bender, Michele Bourdieu, Kristine Bradof, Kristin Brusso, Michelle Cisz, Caitlin Clarke, Julie Fenton (Lighthouse Learners), Walt Fish, Barb Flanagin, Mary Fraley, Liz Gerson, Ruth Gleckler, Carol Grafford, Sue Haralson, Bonnie Hay, Joe Heflin, Darrell Hendrickson, Mark Klemp, Bonnie Loukus, Patti Lund, Ralph Lund, Andrew Maine, Bob Marr, Alex Mehne, Chuck Mehne, Angella Mickowski, Susan Mills, Michigan Technological University Botany Club, Eric Munch, Emily Newhouse, Kara Oikarinen, Cassandra Ott, Jason Oyadomari, Chuck Palosaari, Susanna Peters, Mike Ramos, Phyllis Ramos, Dave Regis, Kristen Schmitt, Ellen Schrader, Meghan Stan, Catherine Tarasoff, Chris vanDomelen, Lee VerBerkmoes and Joe Zerbst (Upward Bound).

Janet Marr, Coordinator,

Keweenaw Invasive Species Management Area Calumet