Don’t punish the poor

To the editor:

With the United States Congress still at a record low approval rating, the 113th Congress was seated recently with the newly elected Republican House threatening the unthinkable – to allow the U.S. government to default on its financial obligations.

Republicans are willing to destroy the full faith and credit integrity of the United States, by not voting to pay the country’s incurred debt for the past year, if the Democrats don’t allow huge cuts to entitlements equal to the increase in the debt ceiling.

The American people need to understand the reality of what the Republicans are proposing, not the lies they are pumping in the media saying if they raise the debt ceiling somehow the President will have a blank check to spend whatever he wants. The debt ceiling has nothing to do with any future expenditures or new government spending. It is all about living up to our obligations to pay the bills that were approved by Congress, including the GOP majority in the House, in the last congressional budget.

Not raising the debt ceiling will deliver a serious blow to the country’s credit rating and cancel much economic recovery we have seen in the last three years. Six months from now we could be in the worst economic straits since the Great Depression of 1929. If U.S. markets are trashed, world markets will be hugely affected also. Whether you voted Republican or not, please understand the debt ceiling is not something to be holding hostage or used as a bargaining chip to squeeze concessions from Social Security and Medicare.

Republicans claim they want to cut the nation’s deficit. They always use that as their calling card, but what they really want is to lower taxes on corporations and the rich and shrink the size of government at the expense of seniors and the poor. They are after your Social Security and Medicare; two benefits senior citizens have paid for all their lives through payroll taxes. Make no mistake, Republicans want to shred those programs.

The defense budget (read that as war expenses) could be trimmed. The United States has more than 700 military bases all over the world with numerous private defense contractors collecting tax payer’s money for who knows what.

Let’s not punish the poor, the unemployed or our seniors.