Truth covered up

To the editor:

I found out some basement drain pipes were hooked to sewage pipe, and also that from the basement pipe to the street run off, drain pipes are hooked up to sewage at pumping stations.

I asked and was told, yes, those pipes could act like a chimney and bring the sewage gases back into homes. I was told yes, it is very, very possible.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and environmental groups cover up the truth about lagoons.

A woman said she was at the doctor’s office to have her arthritis checked out, and that two of her neighbors were all crippled up from it. I asked her where she lived. She said Twin Lakes. I then told her she lived on the east side of Lake Gerald Road, about a mile down where there is all kinds of die-off of trees. Her eyes opened very wide and said “How do you know that? Yes, that is where I live.” I said, “Look up ‘Lagoon, Twin Lakes, Michigan’ on the computer,” about the sewage gas and the health hazards. Then you will find out.

I speak the truth, nothing but the truth, so help me God.