Need to combine resources

To the editor:

As the debate over guns heats up a common them of the anti-gun side will be that they are proposing “reasonable” measures. Nobody “needs” an assault rifle, nobody “needs” a high capacity magazine, so it’s reasonable to ban them.

This argument works well since most people want to be seen as reasonable, especially at a time when most major media outlets are hard at work demonizing gun owners, thereby making most too timid to stand up for their rights.

We’ll hear again and again that they don’t wish to take away the guns we need to enjoy our hunting and shooting sports. Aside from being a lie (of course they want to take away our guns), it’s totally irrelevant. Our founding fathers didn’t waste any ink on something so frivolous as target shooting. The true purpose of the Second Amendment was to give the citizenry a way to protect itself against a government run amok.

While almost all who own guns would never consider raising one against an agent of the government, the presence of such guns and the fact that you never know exactly which house is armed and which is not is a fact. That any house may be armed is an incentive for authorities to be cautious, prudent and mindful of our rights. Before authorizing any action against a citizen they must be certain that their cause is just, their warrants legal.

In closing, none of us, alone, has a loud enough voice to be heard over the babble of the media, with their “experts” and their scholarly elite who would happily strip us of our rights. We need to combine our resource into a single, cohesive voice if we hope to be heard.

The National Rifle Association has been that voice for almost a century and a half, and will continue to be the most effective voice for us, the law abiding, gun owning citizen. There’s never been a better time to join the NRA, or to support their work.