Need an American Spring

To the editor:

The Detroit Public Schools have figured out that having armed guards and metal detectors in schools is a real deterrent to school shootings. This has been going on for several decades and should be no problem to adopt, if desired, throughout the rest of the country, or does everywhere else in this country think they aren’t as morally bankrupt as Detroit?

The second amendment has nothing to do with owning guns for hunting or even that much for self-protection. It was designed and made law so that citizens can protect themselves from their own government. Without having access to the same arms as the military, should a conflict occur, we will have to do the best we can with our small arms. Don’t forget the Japanese in World War II loathed the thought of invading the U.S. because of these small arms.

Don’t kid yourself, President Obama is a true believer in a socialist United Nations, and if he can, he will take our guns away from us. We are already halfway there with the invasion of “Obamacare” into our private lives. Remember, any government powerful enough to give you everything you want is powerful enough to take everything you have.

So, to all you people living in la-la land, should the U.S. government succeed in taking our guns, you can figure your freedom of speech will vanish next.

What we need in this country is an American Spring like the Arab Spring of 2012 in the Middle East. Cut the government to at least 50 percent of its current size; do away with at least a dozen departments like the federal Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Education, Department of Agriculture, etc., all lobbyists and establish a flat tax on everyone, so everyone has some skin in the game. This would reduce the cost of everything, bring all of our manufacturing back home and we would never have to borrow one dime from a third world country like China. States should control the environment, etc.

President Obama, the great divider, reminds me of Adolph Hitler who pitted one group of people against another because of his own inadequacies to gain power.

President Obama should be impeached, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Attorney General Eric Holder should be tried for incompetence, negligence and involvement in the Benghazi and Fast and Furious atrocities.

Matt Kiilunen