Miracle on Quincy Street

To the editor:

To celebrate FinnFest which will occur from June 18 to 23, I invite individuals, families, businesses, schools and university students to create or recreate one of three types of saunas. 1) to salvage circa 100 saunas in danger of collapsing; 2) create traditional saunas newly built and 3) think out of the box, incorporating recycled materials if possible.

The completed saunas on trailers and pick-ups will be featured in the FinnFest parade. They will then be on display in three compounds/villages: 1) on the grounds of Michigan Technological University; 2) On the lawn of Quincy Green and 3) Throughout the city of Calumet. Other communities are invited to participate.

The 100-plus-year-old log sauna currently on display on Quincy Green was donated by Keith and Muriel Hahls of Deja Vu and Daily Brew.

The walls were assembled by Steven Long, Wayne Stordahl, Richard Vidutis, Norman Arkin, Dorm, Matt Lanuoette, Ric Moilanen, Mike McMullen, Kevin Lampela, David Aro, Bob Wheeler, Will Shapton, May Amelia his daughter and son, John Hamilton, Chris Woodry, and Kayla Korpela and her friend Billy Cuff, whose pictures were on the front page of The Daily Mining Gazette.

I wish to express my deepest thanks to all those who helped achieve this miracle, invite everyone to check out the sauna on Quincy Green and to think about creating your own sauna.

In developing this project, more saunas have been brought to my attention than can possibly be completed in time for FinnFest and so I am proposing that some city donate a sizable piece of land to establish an outdoor museum to house these iconic structures; they will certainly be a tourist draw.

Notice I said “will,” not “could” because they should be saved, can be saved and so will be saved or I’m not Mary Wright.

I’m like a dog with a bone when I set out to do things. I have sisu to spare, want to get some? To get involved, call me at 361-5548.

In closing, let me say that it has been a great privilege to work with the people of the Copper Country and indeed the entire U.P.

P. S. To see a second miracle, I invite you all to see the sauna whose walls were assembled in less than two hours.

This sauna came from Superior Road and is the property of the Keweenaw Land Trust.

Mary Biekkola Wright