School board members appreciated

To the editor:

January is School Board Recognition Month – a time to salute the work of our volunteer school board members and celebrate public education.

It’s a challenging time in public education. Our school board members develop policies and make tough decisions that help shape the future of our educational system. They bear responsibility for the annual budget, students, employees and buildings. They are citizens whose decisions affect our children and build our communities.

Our board of education ensures that decisions on school programming are made by people we’ve elected to represent our community’s values, culture and circumstances.

The members serving the Hancock Public School District are: Mark Peters, Robbyn Lucier, Paula Nutini, Chris Heikkinen, Michele Blau, Charles Paoli and Glenn North. When you see one of our members, please take a moment to thank them.

I would like to also take this opportunity to thank the men and women who dedicate countless personal hours to ensure the needs of our community are met by our public schools.

MONICA HEALY, Superintendent

Hancock Public Schools