Exploitation of crisis

To the editor:

The Dec. 14 murder of 20 schoolchildren outraged Americans. President Obama vowed to make gun control the centerpiece of his second term. Building upon her 1994 Assault Weapons legislation, Senator Dianne Feinstein announced stringent prohibitions on “the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacture of 120 specifically-named firearms.” Presumptuous newsmen demanded, “Ban assault weapons.”

Robert Gibbs, Obama’s senior advisor enthused (MSNBC 1/16/13), “The president has the most exciting campaign apparatus ever built. It’s time to turn that loose for something more than an election.” Gibbs envisioned a nationwide PR mobilization, supportive of the 23 executive orders regarding gun control signed Jan. 17th.

Our dogmatic media blamed Sandy Hook and other mass killings on guns, but what of “the psychotic villains who wield them?” Dr. Charles Krauthammer says, “Monsters will always be with us, but in earlier days they did not roam free. Crushing bureaucratic and legal constraints make involuntary commitment infinitely more difficult today.” For example, Jared Loughner wasn’t treated for uncontrolled emotional displays until he’d murdered six and wounded 13. Likewise, James Holmes’ activities went unrestricted prior to killing 12, despite having revealed murderous fantasies to his psychiatrist.

Much of Adam Lanza’s remarkably solitary youth was spent playing violent videogames in his basement. Dr. Keith Ablow theorizes that continual, unmitigated exposure to the “unreality of media and technology” often results in “dizzying paroxysm(s) of self-aggrandizing hype” and may promote imitative anti-social behaviors. (1/8/13) What happens when this “bubble of narcissism” bursts? Dr. Ablow answers, “an epidemic of depression and suicidality, not to mention homicidality, as the real self-loathing and hatred of others that lies beneath all this narcissism rises to the surface.”

The Obama/Biden affectation claims, “saving even one child’s life would make gun restrictions worth it.” Unfortunately, gun ownership restrictions, upon law-abiding citizens, aren’t effective at stopping deranged atrocities. A Department of Justice Roth/Koper study shows Feinstein’s 1994 ban was responsible for only a 6.7 percent decrease in total gun murders over 10 years. Furthermore, “random mass killings were three times more common in the 2000s, than in the 1980s when gun laws were actually weaker.” (Krauthammer, 12/20/12)

What really occurs while Obama publicizes his compassion for 20 innocent children? Constitutional authority is diminished, i.e. Second Amendment gun rights are compromised and the system of checks and balances is overridden by executive order. It’s an appalling exploitation of crisis that hypocritically ignores the American children murdered annually through abortion.

Linda Burke

Mass City