Get the facts

To the editor:

Since the recent shooting in Connecticut, talk about banning guns has been a hot topic. The media is doing a fantastic job basically splitting the United States into two groups: gun-loving conservatives, and socialist liberals.

Before you voice your opinion on this topic take a second and think, have I actually read what the President’s ideas are for creating a safer America? Or have I just listened to my peers and based my opinion on their views?

According to the New York Times, President Obama’s plan would be a “renewed ban on assault weapons, limits on high-capacity magazines, expanded background checks for gun purchases and new gun trafficking laws to crack down on the spread of weapons across the country.”

Our government isn’t trying to take away all of our guns. They’re merely trying to prevent more senseless murders nation wide by banning assault weapons, and making guns less accessible to those who shouldn’t have them.

No matter what way you look at it, assault weapons were designed and manufactured for killing people. Why do our citizens have these then? Protecting and defending yourself is one thing, but this can be accomplished without assault weapons.

As far as overthrowing the government, times have definitely changed and starting a civil war is very unrealistic. It would be much smarter and more beneficial to make these changes by voting for candidates who will make these changes for us.

Whether you’re a liberal, conservative, or somewhere in between, we would all benefit from a safer America. No matter if you like the current President or not, we should all support what’s best for the United States. If all we focus on is our differences between each other, we will never move forward as a country.

Next time, get the facts and base your opinion off of those, don’t just spew false and hateful words.


Lake Linden