To the editor:

First, let me say I have nothing against snowmobiling and I really do appreciate what they do for our local economy.

That being said, it is like a free-for-all out there. If you ski, dog sled or just take a walk on the trail, it is like putting your life on the line.

Unless I am mistaken, the trails are for all. Non-motorized use has the right of way. The trails south of Calumet are state-owned, not just for snowmobiles. You would slow down for a person who is running or riding a bike on the road. Why do so many snowmobilers think they are the only ones with a right to these trails?

Give non-motorized traffic a break for cripe sakes. A little common courtesy can go a long way and make these trails fun for all. The state-owned trails are for all of us. Slow down, please. It is obvious the speed limits and rules of the trail are seldom enforced and a good portion of snowmobilers sure seem to be taking advantage of it.