No reason for bad roads

To the editor:

How unfair is it that due to terrible road conditions and the Michigan insurance rules, two parties get penalized?

The busiest intersection in the city of Houghton, yet again, was a scene of another accident in which I was involved.

The main highway was very icy with a lot of loose mat. I was in the center lane turning to the left as the other vechile involved was coming down in the turn lane to enter Walmart. He was not going too fast for conditions; he applied his brakes within a long distance, luckily, and just slid into me. (He was) a very nice young man who was so very sorry, but could do nothing but hit me. So he, as well as I, will be punished through our insurance companies; me for making a claim and him for not being in control of his vehicle. What was really at fault was the terrible way the roads were – pure ice, with at least 4 inches of loose mat on the highway.

It was worse at the Applebee’s intersection where I was almost stuck in at least 6 inches of loose mat.

It’s so unfair that if I want to keep my vehicle looking good and decide I want it fixed, I will be punished through no fault of mine, with a higher premium. I pay a high monthly price to be insured but will be punished if I make a claim, plus have to pay a high deductible.

There was no reason for the roads within the city to be as they were, when less than 1/8 of a mile up the highway, the roads were bare all the way to Trimountain.

Wrong place, wrong time, and the outcome is just wrong for both parties involved.


Atlantic Mine