Millions of dollars wasted

To the editor:

How Governor Snyder can only come up with raising Michigan’s gas tax, increasing it by double and also increasing vehicle plates and registration fees by 80 percent to fix our roads and bridges, is nothing short of ludicrous.

We have been paying the highest constant prices for gas, crippling far too many people’s pocket books as it is. Such a large increase regarding the plates and registration is just going to cause auto insurance rates to increase (again) eventually. Many will go without registration or find ways to finagle or swindle to get by.

Way too many people have moved out of Michigan because it’s hard enough making a living here, and the thanks we get for staying is shackling us to enormous fee increases.

Millions of dollars are being wasted every day because over-extended means find desperate measures to keep up the pace, including our own government and state, when it comes to over-spending.

Instead of always taking the easy route and burdening the hard working taxpayers for improvements, try finding all the money that should and could be available by following up and investigating some of the fraud, mistakes and oversights (i.e., a big lottery winner still issued food stamps, etc.).

What’s the point of repairing and fixing our roads and bridges if we now can’t afford to use or drive on them?

We all complain, but it’s not going to matter unless we at least try to address those in control of the situation. Speaking up helped big time when Verizon and Citi planned to add fees, but decided not to because of the intense negative consumer feedback.

What do we have to lose, besides having extra money to spend once again?