Teaching technology: Jeffers students host Digital Learning Day

PAINESDALE – Some Copper Country residents got a crash course in computing from Jeffers High School students Wednesday night.

The school’s Business and Technology Club hosted its first Digital Learning Day at the school Wednesday night, including nine courses in areas ranging from working with Microsoft Word to starting a blog.

Up to 40 people attended the event, said club president Winter Lindgren.

“I think everybody that’s come here has really learned something, and I know the students enjoy it, because they’re getting along with everybody here,” Lindgren said.

Students picked out the topics and organized the event. They did an excellent job, said advisor Laurie Stark.

“I think they’ve learned a lot of public speaking skills,” she said. “They’ve learned to teach people at different levels … they’ve learned how to adapt their teaching to a younger person and older person. I think they’ve learned more about technology themselves through the process.”

Lindgren taught a class on Microsoft Excel, where she instructed people how to use spreadsheets to keep track of their monthly finances.

For consistent expenses, they can use the fill handle to drag the numbers across and avoid typing out numbers repeatedly. By using the autosum button, people can add their expenses (housing, pensions, etc.) together instantly.

Lindgren also showed the group how to convert their numbers into a pie chart showing the percentage of spending devoted to each item.

“It makes it easier for you to know where you want to put your money, because you can see exactly,” she said.

One of Lindgren’s Excel students was Deanna Niemi of Painesdale. In addition, she also took the classes on Microsoft Word and using Microsoft Publisher to make things such as personalized birthday cards and brochures.

“I’ve learned quite a bit tonight,” she said. “They’ve done an excellent job.”

Lindgren said the club is already talking about doing it again next year – or even every couple of months, “so we can get more and more people to start coming.”