2013 Winter Carnival Statue winners announced

HOUGHTON – The 2013 Winter Carnival Statue winners first to third are as follows:

Month-Long Franternies

1st Place – Phi Kappa Tau

2nd Place – Tau Kappa Epsilon

3rd Place – Delta Sigma Phi

Month-Long Women’s Groups

1st Place – Alpha Sigma Tau

2nd Place – Theta Chi Epsilon

3rd Place – Alpha Gamma Delta

Month-Long Residence Halls

1st Place – Summit/WIE

2nd Place – Mama’s Boys

3rd Place – Northern Alliance

Month-Long Student Organizations

1st Place – Air Force AROTC

2nd Place – Army ROTC

3rd Place – Four Wheelers

All-Nighter Residence Halls

1st Place – FYE-Wads

2nd Place – FYE-McNair

3rd Place – Knight House

All-Nighter On Campus

1st Place – NAHB

2nd Place – Husky Tae Kwon Do Club

3rd Place – Green Campus Enterprise

All-Nighter Off Campus

1st Place – Evangel Baptist

2nd Place – Lutheran Campus Ministries LSM

3rd Place – Keweenaw Roller Girls

A full list of winners can be found at: mtu.edu/carnival/gallery/results/