Appreciating the effort

HOUGHTON – Molly Bush and Vickie Streberger graduated from Michigan Technological University in 2008, and Saturday was the first time since then they returned to campus to look at the Winter Carnival snow statues.

Bush said she appreciates the effort it takes to build the statues.

“They do really well,” she said.

Bush and Streberger, who are from downstate Royal Oak, were in Theta Chi Epsilon, and they were looking over the sorority’s depiction of the animated movie “Despicable Me” next to the J.R. Van Pelt and Opie Library, and Streberger said it brought back memories for them.

“When we were here, we helped build them,” she said.

Streberger said she was involved with the construction of five snow statues.

The sorority’s “Despicable Me” statue placed second in the Month Long women’s category.

Jennifer Niedzwiecki and Peggy Miller didn’t have to travel as far to look at the statues, which Niedzwiecki said they do almost every year.

“They’re just really nice to see,” said Niedzwiecki, who is from Atlantic Mine.

Miller, who is from Lake Linden, said she’s impressed with what it takes to build the statues.

“I like to see all the work students put into them,” she said.

She was especially impressed with the statues this year because of the lateness of a significant snowfall to provide the raw material for their construction.

“Even with the little snow we got, they still got a lot of detail into them,” she said.