Approves service station

To the editor:

Hats off to Joan Wiitanen on her letter, “Millions of dollars wasted” (Feb. 5). It sure is all true. I can’t figure out when the price of a barrel of oil goes up 80 cents, it goes up .5-.10 at the pump, but when it goes down $1.80 a barrel, it doesn’t go down a penny.

The people in the Marquette area should be thanking the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community for trying to put a gas station there and create jobs. The talk of it has brought prices in that area their lowest in a long time. Now Gov. Snyder doesn’t want them to build a service station. Well, its a no-brainer if the state thinks they are losing all that tax money. I think it’s great (the KBIC) gets a tax break and passes the savings on to you and I. If you go the Pines gas station in Baraga, you might have to wait for a pump to open but you will save money. You will probably see other people from Houghton County filling their vehicle along with gas cans.

Maybe they should legalize marijuana and tax it like crazy so the people who need fuel to get to work or heat their homes could get a break from the gas taxes. They put the taxes on fuel because it’s a necessity for everyone and when it costs more at the farm or the transporter, they make more and more from that gas tax.

I hope the government remembers what happened when they put the price of fuel to $5 a gallon before and we’re not even out of that hole yet. If they want to create more jobs, they should put back the manual prices at the gas stations as some days it might change two or three times and this could be full time positions.

People have asked me at voting time if I’m a Democrat or Republican and all I say is, “I’m for anyone who would do a fraction of the promises that gets them voted in.”