L’Anse solves parking problem

L’ANSE- Representatives from the Bayshore Veterinary Clinic in L’Anse have repeatedly requested a designated downtown parking spot, but after the village street committee deliberated, the L’Anse village council denied the request Monday, hoping to avoid setting a bad precedent.

“After meeting with the property owner, we believe there is a parking situation that the property owner has that will meet their needs,” L’Anse Village Manager Bob LaFave said in a phone interview Tuesday. “Not giving them their own parking spot is more on the philosophical basis that it’s public parking. If we allow one business to have their own designated spot, each business would want their own. It would be an untenable situation.”

The council had previously denied the request as well, but the street committee investigated further after receiving a petition signed by 100 people.

Also during a brief meeting Monday, the village council:

took the recommendation of the village finance committee to turn down an offer from Honeywell to upgrade some control systems in village buildings.

“The finance committee doesn’t feel like it’s something they want to go forward with,” LaFave said.

approved sending village employees with water/sewer licenses to Marquette on March 14 for a Department of Environmental Quality meeting that will satisfy some Continuing Education Credits.

approved a $500 donation to the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team for their efforts to prevent drug abuse. The village council had made a smaller donation to UPSET in the past, and would liked to have given more this year.

“Obviously we have tight budgets, they have tight budgets, but we wanted to do what we could,” LaFave said.

approved $100 in Baraga County checks to support the Baraga senior class lock-in, taking the money from WPPI Energy funds.