Baraga not seeing MEAP improvement

BARAGA – Administration at the Baraga Area Schools said the district has received Michigan Educational Assessment Program scores, and isn’t quite seeing the progress it would like.

“We didn’t lose ground. However, the goal is to gain. We don’t want to maintain the status quo,” Superintendent and Grades K-2 Principal Jennifer Lynn said in a phone interview Wednesday. The district discussed the results at the district’s board of education meeting Monday.

Administrative transitions like the district has experienced often cause setbacks, Lynn said, but BAS at least hasn’t lost ground. Reading improvements have been made in kindergarten through second grade, but MEAP scores in grades 3-8 have stayed “essentially the same.”

In math, for example, the percent of third-grade students proficient statewide and in the Copper Country Intermediate School District is 41 percent; at BAS it’s 19 percent (it was 19 percent last year). Then again, by eighth grade, proficiency drops to 33 percent statewide and 39 percent in the CCISD; BAS is at 43 percent (it was 55 percent last year).

In science, which is only tested in fifth and eighth grades, statewide proficiency percentages in those two grades are 13 and 16 percent. In the CCISD they are 16 and 19 percent. At BAS they are 6 and 11 percent (5 and 12 percent last year).

All data for all districts for math, reading, science, social studies and writing tests can be found at

In other business during Monday’s meeting, the school board:

approved a class trip to Chicago for Matt Frantti’s physics class, which will include stops at the Fermilab and Great America. Students have raised their own funds and will make the trip with students from Munising.

approved changes to a senior class trip to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Board members couldn’t recall the last time a senior class had made a trip, but this year’s senior class first presented the idea in their freshman year. Students have been fundraising since, but the original Detroit-area itinerary was changed to Minnesota due to several sites not being open yet. Some students will make both the Chicago and Minneapolis trips a week or two apart.

accepted resignations from Amy Lake and Tammy Crittenden as junior high track coaches. The district will post the positions and re-evaluate the program.

“I don’t think it’s been seen as in dire shape, but I think it’s our responsibility when we have resignations that we’re maintaining the programs, but also being efficient with finances,” Lynn said.

approved a resolution acknowledging Principal’s Week.

approved a resolution to finalize the district’s Best Practices resolution with the state. The district needed to comply with seven of the state’s eight requirements to receive an additional $52 in per-pupil funding.