Warm news/The Red Line

After trudging home from the office Tuesday, I took off my boots and looked out my bedroom window.

It was about 75 percent drifted over and I figure it’s about 6 feet tall and 2 feet off the ground. You do the math. Really, all I could do was laugh.

The winter of 2012-13 has officially reached ridiculous proportions. This is not another complain-about-the-snow column. I’ve written that before, and given the fact this winter still isn’t that bad historically, nor does my living situation require I have to do a lot about it, it’s not the route I want to go.

My intent today is to offer a few bits of encouragement. I like to pass along warm thoughts when I can.

It’s part of why I run Australian Open recaps when I can fit them in during January. Sure the tennis is important, but I like it when they say it cracked 100 degrees in Melbourne and they had to put the heat rules in effect.

So, in warm news, the Daytona 500 is this weekend and no one appears to be using snow tires this year. I believe I saw real grass on the infield.

Danica Patrick has taken time-out from filming suggestive GoDaddy ads to be the pole-sitter for this year’s event.

This is an accomplishment for the rsum, but it should be noted that no one has won the race from the pole since Dale Jarrett in 2000.

Recent winners of the honor include Mike Skinner (1997), Jeff Green (2003) and David Gilliland (2007). Also, I’m not sure if where one starts the race really matters – remember Trevor Bayne in 2011? Maybe. Ward Burton? Derrike Cope? All Daytona 500 winners. Tony Stewart? Nope.

The way restrictor plate racing is, anyone can win provided they’re in the top 20 when the white flag flies and they have not run over a jet dryer earlier in the race. I’m talking to you, Juan Pablo Montoya.

All you need to know is that the temperature in Daytona Beach, Fla. Sunday is forecast to be 73 degrees with a 20 percent chance of rain and a 0 percent chance of snow. Warm thoughts.

The World Match Play Championships began in southern Arizona Wednesday, but round one was postponed by snow … really? Really? In Marana, Ariz.? OK, scratch golf.

SPRING training is underway in Lakeland and Phoenix and several other places, with the Tigers opening the exhibition schedule Friday against Atlanta.

The wires are filled with the sweet nothings of pre-preseason stories: of Octavio Dotel being quoted “out of context” about Miguel Cabrera’s leadership skills and about Ryan Braun showing up in the wrong steroid merchant’s black book. Even basketball’s getting in the act with a dozen stories about Michael Jordan’s birthday and whether or not Kobe or LeBron is better. Wait, isn’t the basketball season going on?

See, spring is on the march – just not here. Yet. My act of defiance Tuesday was wearing my Tigers jersey around the house. Wednesday, it was taking delivery of a couple new baseball caps.

Today, who knows? Maybe I’ll play catch in the parking lot at my game tonight.

The drift in front of my window is clearly down to about 5 feet now, perfect height to draw a line in the snow. Be warm, be hopeful and think spring.

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