Seth and May and more at The Orpheum Theater

HANCOCK – The Orpheum Theater, located in Hancock, Mich., will be holding a variety of different bands this weekend.

The main attraction comes Saturday night with Seth and May, which Orpheum Theater owner Michael Shupe said is “the closest thing we’ve got to Michigan superstars.”

The duo, whose names are Seth Bernard and May Erlewine have been performing together for nine years and have become regular favorites of folks of all ages in the U.P.

According to Shupe, listeners can expect lots of harmonies, gorgeous singing from May, tasty guitar playing from Seth and a night filled with songs of hope, courage, love and inspiration.

Before Seth and May became?Seth and?May, they each paid their dues traveling, playing their music and sharing their stories with everyone they met. They now find themselves in constant demand, playing festivals all over the country and at venerable folk institutions such as the Ark in Ann Arbor and Garrison Keillor’s “A Prairie Home Companion.”

Shupe said Seth and May are a local favorite, whose sound is always changing.

“They’re making strides in their music,” he said. “It’s evolving. They have a soul and Motown sound, in addition to their country and rock sound.”

Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the band starts at 8 p.m. Tickets for adults cost $15, seniors and students $13 and children under 12 $5.

On Friday night, The Orpheum has three separate bands playing:?Pioneer Parade, Electric Park and Gratiot Lake Road.

Shupe said people should come and see the snow because these bands are the future of music.

“As time goes by, a couple of these bands might become big acts in music,”?he said.

Pioneer Parade is an Iron Mountain-based band that has previously played at The Orpheum. In addition to performing a set, they will be promoting their new album “Big Outside.”

“They’re incredibly good for how young they are,” Shupe said. “They’re recently graduated from high school. The quality of their music is incredible. They’re deserving of radio play. I?think over the years they’re going to get huge.”

Opening for Pioneer Parade is Gratiot Lake Road, which Shupe calls “astoundingly good.”

“They’re more folk music, with the guitar and banjo,” he said. “They’re touring the midwest this year.”

Also playing Friday night is Electric Park.

“It’s just really good, fun, rock and roll music,” he said. “They’re very good songwriters.”

The shows on Friday start 8 p.m.