Wolves need to eat

To the editor:

Just responding to the guy who questions the decision not to go through with a wolf hunt in Michigan. When I get back there (the U.P.) every year I see many, many deer, many killed by drivers.

Some of these would be cleaned up by crows, coyotes and hopefully, wolves. I don’t know what the problem is with some hunters and wolves. (The wolves) were here first, they need to eat and usually take the oldest and weakest of a herd. Michigan probalby has 600, maybe a few more now than that. If that figure got up to 10,000, maybe a limited season would be good, but at this stage it’s too early for some guy who wants a wolf on his wall to take aim. Let them alone. They are doing scientific (natural) management of a species (deer)that is getting too numerous for the state. Now if we could only reintroduce, wolverines, lynx, grayling and caribou, that would be great.

Tom Forsell