One government affects another

To the editor:

Because the truth is the spirit of the Father there is truth in all things seen and unseen. His son Jesus came upon the earth and taught nothing but the truth.

This is what the children in the schools must learn to turn this world and government around from this road to destruction.

The Father need not be mentioned. You need a class to learn about the truth with new knowledge that scientists are proven wrong 78 percent of the time. But if you admit to the mistake no harm is done.

THe truth about why and what affects things and what affects it has on others. The ice, snow, rain, wind, and tree in the yard verses the tree in the forest, all have truth about them.

We need a class where they are there to learn the importance of knowing the truth. At the same time they would not realize they will be learning the psychology of life. What affects themselves and other people.

One government affects another. How the hunter feeds but then when unexpected you get stabbed in the back.

So you always have to wonder how one will affect the other.

What is the truth? How the untrue is the darkness of destruction. The forest, wild life, business, government, etc.

Why do they want to go into the darkness? Selfishness.

A government is like a father and the children learn from their father. The truth is everlasting.