Looking for divisive issues

To the editor:

The House Democratic Caucus announced that it is taking a “Listening Tour” across Michigan. Representatives from all corners of the state will be meeting with citizens to hear how the House Republicans’ priorities over the last two years have affected them. This sounds like great news for Republicans. It’s not often that the opposite party reaches out to the regular folks to hear how happy they are with Michigan’s progress.

It would be great, if only they really wanted to hear about the great progress this state made in only a few short years. Unfortunately, the truth about the “Listening Tour,” as stated in their promotional video, is that they want to hear from people that only have complaints.

This “Listening Tour” isn’t about building a better tomorrow for current and future generations. It is about purposefully looking for issues that divide Michiganders. Instead of reaching out and asking us to join together in appreciation for each other and recognizing we all have individual struggles and challenges, that can’t all be solved by legislators and bureaucrats in Lansing or D.C., they instead ask us only to complain about legislators (which they are a part of).

This is the same tactic our current president has used for the last four years. Pitting neighbor against neighbor. Driving wedges of hate and envy across all classes of people. Seeking only to build uncommon ground and foster divisive issues to further divide our great nation.

Instead, we should reject their plan and instead work together to become leaders in positive messages that resonate throughout Michigan and the country. I think it’s time we leave the instigators of divisiveness behind.