Terrorists powerless against gospel

To the editor:

President Obama says to redistribute the wealth. We would still not solve the human problems that plague us.

Sociologists say if we get rid of poverty, skid row and slums, then we would get rid of evil. The sad fact is people remain the same, and go on to create new ones.

Diplomats say the cause of world tension is political, and if we could attain good will and friendship, we would solve our problems.

Educators say if you educate every man and woman, peace will come to the world. Germany had a high standard of education, and produced a Hitler, a Himmler and a Goebbels (He had a doctor of philosophy degree).

We are doing everything to combat terrorism, and our young service men and women are dying every day for t his cause. Our true enemies are not flesh and blood. They are invisible beings, principalities and powers, forces of wickedness emanating from dark realm (Eph. 6:10-13). Such enemies cannot be destroyed by rockets, bombs or bullets.

The only solution is for hearts and minds to be transformed. No political or military solution can accomplish that. Only Jesus Christ can do that.

It is the simple Gospel message to accept and believe in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. To have sins forgiven in His name and precious blood.

The terrorists are powerless against this gospel message.