Two quotes about evolution

To the editor:

In response to the Feb. 14 Daily Mining Gazette letter to the editor pertaining to evolution, I wish to submit the following two quotes from The New American Bible published by the Catholic Book publishing company:

“No well educated person denies any longer that the human species has developed from primates.”

“Index of Forbidden Books. Books harmful to faith and morals, the reading of which is expressly forbidden by the Holy See. Any book or publication whose material constitutes a danger to the faith or morals of the reader is prohibited. Forbidden books would include: 1. Any non-Catholic edition or translation of the Holy Bible (for example the King James Version)” … In addition, I’d like to mention that the Vatican was involved with the Piltdown Man hoax by producing relics for the *monkey business of Evolution.

* Monkey business as defined in Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary: Foolish mischievous, or deceitful tricks or behavior.

I encourage Daily Mining Gazette readers and Christians alike to view “A Lamp in the Dark” and “Tares among the Wheat” for an exposition of the King James Bible available through Adullam Films (888) 780-5049.

Kari Rasmussen