Nation of morons

To the editor:

For four years, I’ve been perplexed with America’s failure to recognize its dangerous journey toward socialism. I resorted to editorials warning of this Administrations’ policies mitigating our rights under the Constitution and warned Obama would ultimately attempt to confiscate our guns. Capitalizing on the tragedy in Connecticut, his plan to disarm the citizenry has begun.

Yet despite Obama’s rhetoric regarding evil guns, we can’t watch television without exposure to violent movie trailers, video games and brain-dead ads designed to sell products to our young people.

Online, we’re bombarded with stories about celebrities who are divorcing and hooking-up, Lohan’s legal problems and Kardashian’s “baby bump.”

Unfortunately, there are morons who thrive on this garbage and Hollywood will continue to promote what sells.

The Obama Administration refuses to “reel in” Hollywood producers for the garbage they generate which contributes to the root cause of these tragic events and directly impacts our impressionable youth resulting in further degradation of our society.

As a student of history whose relatives lived in a socialist country, I recognize where we’re headed and believe me when I say we are well on our way.

Obama is transparent and has made no secret regarding his vision for America – more big government and less individual rights so we can level the playing field for the “have nots.”

I, frankly, have had my fill of the alleged less fortunate. We once were a nation of Americans not Muslim, African, Native Americans, etc. We came here as individual immigrants but became a unified society. The left and political correctness succeeded in fragmenting our culture rather than promoting unification.

The Democrats have capitalized on this by perpetuating a “victim” mentality within these groups. If Muslims and others are unhappy and easily offended here, they can pack their burkas and return to the homeland.

We have an administration that gave F-16’s to the Muslim Brotherhood which I predict will be ultimately used against Israelis or our troops in a future conflict, and Obama doesn’t trust us with guns?

They lied about Benghazi and the media refused to pursue the story.

We had Obama Care rammed down our throats and now it’s our guns. Why aren’t more Americans irate? Have we already moved so far to the left or have we just become a nation of morons? If you’re waiting for a politician or the NRA to speak on your behalf, conservatism will only be a memory.