Habitual purse abandonment

To the editor:

As much as I hate to put my name in the paper, if I don’t write this letter, people might get tired of taking care of me.

I have a bad habit of leaving my purse in shopping carts in outside cart corrals. Because of the honest people we live among, my purse has always been brought into the stores with everything intact.

Last of all, one day I went to use my credit card and no card. Anyone knows what a sick feeling that brings. My first thought was to go home and cancel the card, but just in case, I went to the store where I last used it the day before. There it was safely locked away.

You can imagine the relief and the extreme thankfulness I felt once again for the honest person who found it and brought it into the store.

It sure would be nice to thank these people in person, but I can never get the names of the ones who do it. I hope all of you people see this letter and know that your kind deeds and honesty are deeply appreciated. Thank you.