Democrats silent

To the editor:

Where, oh where, art thou, Democrats?

Where is your indignant outrage at Obama’s banging on his war drum? We have now given money or military support to Egypt, Lybia, and Syrian rebels, to name a few, and with worse results than who was in power prior to our meddling. Now the Vice President is talking war with North Korea. Wasn’t Mitt Romney criticized for his “war mongering”? Yet the Democrats merely want to cut military spending. How about reining in your President? Or is imperialism and empire building now okay with the left?

Where is your outrage over the massive violation of the people’s privacy? We have drones policing our own skies and what is Homeland Security’s plan? To increase the number of drones flying over the US to 30,000. And you Democrats thought that tapping phone lines is an invasion of privacy (which we are still doing by the way under the Obama White House), but not a peep from the Left about this intrusion.

Where is your outrage regarding the largest gap in recent history in wages between women and men employed at the White House? You call me racist because I didn’t vote for Obama. I call you a sexist for voting for a man that not only failed to shatter the glass ceiling, but lowered it. Is this the Democrats’ party of 1924 or today?

Don’t speak to me about how the stock market is higher. Its called inflation. My grocery bill, utilities and gas station bills sure haven’t gotten any smaller. Don’t speak to me about how Obamacare is going to make health care more affordable, because I have never paid more than I am (paying) right now. Don’t speak to me about how this is all the Republicans’ fault when nothing has been done to combat lobbying in Washington by Obama. Instead, lobbying is now so much of a profit maker, not to mention a career choice for former Congressmen (hello Bart), that we the people and our measly little one vote and $50 contributions are no longer significant. Still the left is silent.

Don’t speak to me about how President Obama has created jobs, because my paycheck has gotten smaller, while Obama and his cronies have gotten wealthier. Yet again, you on the left are silent.

May your silence continue in the future as well – at the voting booth.