Complete Streets update for Calumet

CALUMET – There wasn’t a quorum for the Calumet Village Council Thursday, so no action was taken, but the three members in attendance heard a presentation on a Complete Streets project being conducted in the village.

In December, Bill Leder and Bill Baxandall, Michigan Technological University adjunct professors of civil and environmental engineering, told the trustees a senior design class at Tech would be willing to do free of charge a survey of the village for a Complete Streets plan, which would include all forms of transportation, including bicycles and walking.

Thursday, Leder was at the council meeting with some of the students to update council members on the progress of the project.

Leder said students have been in the village gathering data.

“They’ve been working since January,” he said.

After Leder’s introduction, the students took turns talking about the project.

The purpose of the project is to find routes, which can join various parts of the village and allow the safe use of motorized and non-motorized transportation. Various destinations in the village, such as stores, the post office, the Italian Hall Park and the Calumet Theatre, were considered in making the loops for travel.

The plan divides the village into two circuits, one which has the most points of interest, and a second which has locations, which may be used less often.

Initially, the plan has two phases, but it could have as many as five depending on what village residents would like to include in the plan.

Village President Dave Geisler said it’s good the plan so far includes Fifth Street.

“Fifth Street for use is our commercial street,” he said.

Geisler said it would be good to include the Lions Park at Calumet Lake off of M-203, also.

“Most people in the community don’t know it’s there,” he said. “It would be great to have a corridor to the park.”

Leder said after the snow clears in April, the students will do a survey of the village’s sidewalks to include in the plan.

Geisler said having sidewalks in the plan is important.

“One of the best things about Calumet is it’s very walkable,” he said.

Leder said the students will come to the April council meeting for a further update on the Complete Streets plan.