A happy ending though hard work

To the editor:

Special thanks to Shriners Hospitals and doctors, specifically Dr. Mielke and staff, Portage Health, Monica Aho and Cynthia Stites, Dr. Ingram and staff, and L’Anse Schools for allowing therapy sessions.

In September 2009, our son was playing football. He made a tackle and another player fell on our son’s foot. X rays were taken. Our son was in pain to the point he could not sleep and there was swelling. Dr. Ingram reset his foot and it was placed in a air cast. Dr. Ingram recommended a specialist. Dr. Niemela in Marquette looked at the x-rays/foot and saw five or six broken bones and two growing plates out of place. He suggested we get our son to a trauma center for this type of injury quickly.

A friend suggested Shriners Hospital in Minnesota. By the time we made it to Shriners, the growing plates had already started together. Thank goodness Dr. Ingram reset the foot correctly. Our son was diagnosed with Regional Pain Syndrome and Foot Drop.

After trips to the Shriners Hospital, electric shock test were ordered to see how bad the nerve damage was.

Because of muscle loss, an EMPI machine was ordered. The EMPI machine is a low electric shock that stimulates the muscles. Plus, the professional services of Monica and Cynthia were utilized. Monica and Cynthia would travel to our local school and administer therapy three times a week. After months on crutches, our son could walk but with a limp and he dragged his right foot. We were told to expect our son may never walk right again. He would more than likely drag his right foot (Foot Drop). This was very devastating news.

Through months of hard work from our son, Monica and Cynthia, the nerves have been restored. The muscles have grown to their normal shape and the foot drop has gone away.

Our son just had his last visit to the Shriners Hospital in St. Paul/Minneapolis. He was completely cleared and discharged as a success.

Thank you very much for all the hard work from all involved. The ability for our son to be a success and walk properly was a combination effort by all the people who cared. A special thank you again.

Please support the Shriners and Shriners Hospitals.