Gun control disarms citizens

To the editor:

We hear the National Rifle Association described as “the gun lobby,” as if it is made up of a few thousand individuals and the major gun manufacturers in this country. Naturally, liberals, doing what they do best, claim that the NRA exaggerates its membership, but at any one time, the organization has at least 3 million paying members. By most estimates, there are 50 million gun owners in America, and it’s probably safe to assume that the vast majority of them also support the NRA and its defense of the Second Amendment.

Doing again what they do best, liberals don’t hesitate for a moment to demonize and ridicule anyone who disagrees with them, especially those of us living in the hinterlands, away from the culture and refinements of New York, Boston and San Francisco, sarcasm fully intended. Gun owners are referred to as dupes of the NRA who continually feed the fires of fear in the minds of the “uninformed,” or in the eyes of most liberals, the “unwashed.” We are accused of misrepresenting or misunderstanding the intentions of those who would infringe and confiscate, when in fact, we understand perfectly.

Using the coffins of innocent people murdered by psychopaths, the anti-Second Amendment crowd, led by Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein, Charles Schumer, Michael Bloomberg and many others are a truly terrifying group.

They certainly know that banning semi automatic weapons and magazines that hold more than 15 rounds will do nothing to stop the murder of innocent people by the lunatic fringe.

They also know that putting every weapon, ammunition and magazine manufacturer completely out of business, and confiscating every gun from every law-abiding American will not work either, because the demand for weapons by the criminal element will be met by underground suppliers, just as they met the demand for liquor nearly a century ago.

Those involved in the assault on the 2nd Amendment know all of this. They know that more gun control laws will only serve to disarm law abiding citizens.

If you come to these conclusions, as I and millions of others have, there are questions that all Americans need to ask: Why does our government have such a fear of its law abiding citizens, and want so desperately to disarm us? What exactly is their agenda?

The answer is complete control of the population, which is, of course, tyranny.