Root Notes Radio anniversary show in Laurium

LAURIUM – For Josh Kocjan, music is more than just a passion – it’s a way of life. And to share that with others, he opened Root Notes, a store that is more than just about music paraphernalia. It also acts as a music venue and recording studio. It also acts as a radio station, which streams music over the internet 365 days a year.

The one year anniversary of this station, which can be found at, is April 1 and to commemorate that Root Notes Radio will be having their first ever live performance of the band Motive streamed to listeners all over the world.

The band consists of George Krainatz, Alex Perram and Trevor Mills.

“They’re three high school friends who have been playing together for quite a while,” Kocjan said. “When they get together it’s obvious to me they have fun and enjoy what they do.”

Kocjan said Motive can sound like anything from Ryan Adams to Nirvana.

“It varies quite a bit,” Kocjan said.

As far as Root Notes Radio goes, Kocjan said the station was born out of necessity to share performances of local bands and to get the word out about upcoming performances.

“I always enjoyed making mix tapes and playing new music for my friends,” he said. “I’ve never been a big fan of regular radio and this is a medium that allows for absolute control and creativity.”

Kocjan also likes it because it’s not governed by the FCC, nor is it limited to one nation, format or genre.

According to Kocjan, listeners tune in from as many as 50 countries around the world.

Kocjan will also be playing Michigan artists only on Monday.

“Every Monday I?play strictly Michigan artists,” Kocjan said. “But I don’t mean Kid Rock or Bob Seger. I’m more interested in the underdog. As far as I?know, I?play more Michigan artists than any other station.”

Those who tune in to Monday’s show will also have the chance to win prizes. Listeners will have the chance to call in during the show in order to be able to win CDs, clothes, stickers and musical items.