Secrets and statistics/The Red Line

Late March is a weird time of the year. Mud and water everywhere. Monday feels like January, Thursday like May.

In my life, there’s a big event to prepare for but the writers and broadcasters are making the calls and after the fact, the coaches want to ask us about it.

Yup, it’s time for basketball awards and nope, I’m not going to tell anyone who won yet. The U.P. Sportswriters and Sportscasters Association All-U.P. basketball teams will be released Friday (girls) and Saturday (boys).

To whet your whistle, here is a sampling of basketball statistics we’ve kept over the course of the season that provide no clues to the identities of those selected to the All-U.P. teams and no insight into anything other than the sort of random coincidences that make the 3 1/2 months of winter a little less predictable.

1. Thanks to the bizarre proclivity of local snowstorms to hit the U.P. on Tuesdays this winter, all 11 boys’ basketball teams in our area had at least one game postponed this season. Both because of the weather and the flu, neither edition of the L’Anse-Baraga game was played on its regularly scheduled date.

Houghton had three games postponed (one of them twice) and one outright cancelled. Somehow the Houghton, Chassell and Jeffers girls managed to avoid that scourge and be the only teams in the Copper Country not to have at least one postponement this season.

2. The Calumet boys scored 95 more points than they allowed and finished 10-10.

3. The Baraga girls allowed exactly 37 points four times and won all four of those games.

4. There were eight overtime games in Copper Country boys’ basketball this season (including a double and and a triple). In comparison, last year there were four. There were also four overtime girls’ games this season.

5. I probably went and ruined this for L’Anse coach Mike Ostermeyer, but L’Anse has won the last nine overtime games in which it has played dating back to a double-OT home loss to West Iron on Feb. 19, 2010.

6. This year’s Consistent Contribution awards go to Karli Michaels of Chassell (4.8 ppg), and Daniel Olson of Calumet (5.4 ppg). They had the lowest scoring averages in the Copper Country among players who scored in every one of their team’s games. Hey, don’t knock it. That’s production you can count on.

7. The two local players (that I’m aware of) to record triple-doubles in our area this year were a 6-7 boy (Alex Almquist) and a 5-1 girl (Jamie Dompier). Oh, and there was another one in the SDC Gym this year, by 5-5 Sam Hoyt.

8. The Houghton girls averaged nearly the exact same amount of points against per game this year (38.62) as last year (38.63).

Enjoy the All-U.P. teams released this weekend. Looking forward to finding a few numbers that matter a little more.

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