Wake up, America

To the editor:

Title: In-depth Counterinsurgency 101

Senator Feinstein’s Bill S.150.IS is simply the first step in disarming America.

(President Barack) Obama promised affordable healthcare was affordable and wasn’t a tax. Now it’s a tax and unaffordable. Who concealed the truth about Benghazi and why? Believe Obama’s promises about our 2nd Amendment rights?

Did Obama quietly enter United Nations Arms Trade Treaty “ATT”?

Discover ATTs mandatory universal weapons bans, arms registration, licensing/manufacturing mandates, and confiscation/disposal of small arms, light weapons, and surplus ammunitions.

Obama’s Homeland Security National Defense Plan, March 12, 2012, authorizes various constitutional violations, unwarranted search and seizures, arbitrarily labeling citizens national security threats for indefinate incarceration without warrant, just cause, or rights of due process. It also enacts Obama’s Presidential Directive 51, Marshal Law.

Compare Obama’s National Defense Plan to ATT’S demobilization and reintegration objectives.

Is Sulaiman Abu Ghaith’s terrorist conspiracy trial in New York an Obama Department of Justice means of entering America into a UN universal court compact for terrorists trials?

Clinton quietly entered numerous UN culture of peace agendas, 1992-2000, which S.150.IS is a sub-objective of.

NAFTA’s a culture of peace vehicle the far left utilizes to transfer American jobs/wages to foreign workers, enacting Americas universal wealth redistribution strategies to meet UN universal economic equality strategies goals. Increasing America’s government dependancy while multiplying foreign wages via transferance of American jobs overseas.

What’s the far left’s hidden agendas behind climate change, cap and trade, and green energy policies; USDA and EPA regulations; war against fossil fuels, and eminent domain policies as they’re all interrelated to numerous UN Culture of Peace agendas such as it’s One World Order Plan, Charter for Global Democracy, it’s 12 principles; Charter for Global Control, Habitat II agendas, Programme of Action; Agenda 21; and others America quietly adopted over decades?

Read Cloward-Piven’s political strategies to comprehend Obamas economic and immigration political strategies. Specifically, immediate citizenship/jobs for multimillions of illegal (aliens), displacing American workers, increasing government dependency, fostering increased taxation, eventually causing Marshal Law enactment to combat economic/racial strife from the far left’s open borders/wealth redistribution policies.

Compare Marshal Law previous governing plan to Obama’s within PD 51, his backdoor endless rule vehicle.

Wake up, America and realize the UN and far left have been undermining America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights through our own legislative and judiciary bodies for decades.

They’re now willfully diminishing our national defense capabilities, whereas disarming Americans is the key element in destroying America’s sovereignty without a shot fired.