Slow down for those crossing

To the editor:

In response to the letter published Feb. 21 regarding snowmobile trail use, it should be noted that the trail from Calumet and the Bill Nichols trail, although designated as snowmobile trails from Dec. 1 to March 1, are also designated as multiuse trails.

Technically, other forms of recreation, although they might not be advised, can occur on these trails and the snowmobile community should be aware of it. I do not know about other trails in the area.

The main concern is not to travel the snowmobile trails but to simply cross them or get from point A to B safely to use other trails. I see no reason why some (not all) snowmobilers cannot slow down when others are present.

The perfect example is where the Maasto Hiihto ski trail crosses the snowmobile trail in two places. You would slow down for a deer in the trail; why not a human? If you are going too fast to stop or slow down in a safe distance, then it is obvious you are going too fast.

If, as the letter writer said, there are no rules other than to pay your $45, that is both sad and dangerous for all users, especially the majority of riders who are riding at safe speeds and are considerate of others.

Trust me, other users don’t want to be on the snowmobile trail all of the time. (The trails) are dangerous, but sometimes they have to be crossed or used for short distances. People should be able to safely do that. Crossing a snowmobile trail, like crossing the road, should not have to be bodily or life threatening.