Leave It to Stephen/Stephen Anderson

Is there a better feeling out there than finishing something? The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a goal is pretty hard to beat, and it’s been an unusually satisfying month for me in that regard.

On April 1 I celebrated one year without drinking pop, something I thought would have been a miracle just a year ago. I’ve set health-related goals many times in the past, but more often than not the outcome hasn’t been very good. Either the success was short-lived or I’ve fallen painfully short over the long haul. But I did it, with accountability from so many people, including readers.

Of course this past month also marked the very abrupt end of most of the local winter sports season. It’s such a crazy busy time of year with basketball district tournaments and simultaneous playoff runs by the Michigan Tech hockey and basketball teams, and all the Huskies’ seasons ended in a two-day span.

Done. Just like that. I think I’m still mentally adjusting back to a more normal routine after that crazy schedule.

In general my job as a journalist involves so many chances to celebrate finishing something. Every day features new deadlines, and every day that I complete my work under the pressure of deadline I get to watch that work printed almost 10,000 times and read online thousands more.

As a Christian, it’s also been an exciting time with Easter, and celebrating Jesus’ finished work on the cross. What a powerful example of love.

Of course it’s also the time of year to finally celebrate the end of winter! Well, maybe this next month we’ll actually see some significant melting and get to enjoy the rumored “spring” season we’re supposed to be experiencing.

Even though the weather hasn’t quite cooperated with this month’s finishing theme, it’s still been a wonderful month to celebrate the end of many things. Of course, maybe the most exciting part of finishing something is preparing for the start of something new.

My wife and I are still resolving to keep pop out of the apartment, only enjoying it when we eat at restaurants or on special occasions. Moderation is everything with resolutions like this, but I’m grateful I proved to myself abstaining completely for a year is actually possible.

Just as I’ve enjoyed a bit of relaxation following the end of the local winter sports season, I’m getting excited for the spring and summer sports on the horizon. Watching the Detroit Tigers in and of itself is exciting in a year I believe could finally be a World Series season. But covering track meets and Twilight League baseball isn’t that far off either in the Copper Country.

With those new topics to cover will come more deadline situations, and I just love that about journalism. As soon as one deadline ends, another begins. A few hours of craziness followed by a few hours of relaxation, and it all starts over again.

Eventually, winter will end, too, and with it will come another beautiful U.P. summer. As nasty as Copper Country winters can be, especially if you don’t like snow, I can’t think of many places with more pleasant summer weather. It’s not far off, everyone. Just be patient.

Finally, I’d be remiss to not reflect a bit about the new beginnings celebrated with Easter, too. Jesus said, “It is finished” in regard to His redemptive work on the cross, but He also bodily rose again. That’s the starting point for a relationship with God and a life full of meaning.

All in all, it’s been a wonderful month of endings, but that means this next month can be a wonderful month of new beginnings. Make the most of it!