Education destroyed

To the editor:

Our public educational system has been infiltrated by the people who control the world’s money supply.

It began with the Rockefeller/Dewey 1902 General Education Board as a cornerstone. It is related to forming a global socialistic state rejecting individualism, high academic standards, rejecting truth and absolutes, American values, and a totalitarian state ruled by the elite.

It is called K-12, school to work named, “limited learning for lifelong labor,” coordinated through the United Nations (a Rothschild funded/implemented organization). It is the subvervsion of our educational system to re-invent feudalism to supply menial labor from the masses, but not for their own aristocratic families.

A reference book to this is “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America,” by Charlotte Thompsom Iserbyt. A business consultant, Gerald Bracey, in an annual report to business clients, said “We must continue to produce an uneducated social class.”

As Thomas Hodgskin in 1832 said,”Men are better without education than education by their rulers.” That is the state of our government: politicians representing special interests that want to traitorously destroy our laws, Constitution, and our democratic republic.

Robert Maki