Road blockage unnecessary

To the editor:

The fire radio went off this morning. There’s a chimney fire nearby. My husband grabs his gear and I drive him to the fire; as we are on our way we encounter a county road commission crew blocking the road.

We are not the first of our fire department to respond, nor will we be the last. We blow the horn and yell to the crew that there’s a chimney fire and we need to get by. “We’ll be out of the way in a minute.” Is the terse reply. Once we get by the road crew, I drop my husband off, back up and head to work.

Imagine my surprise when I encounter the very same road crew once again blocking the road. I stop and tell them that there is a fire call down the road and they need to keep a lane open as another fire department is coming for mutual aid, and am told they have to be able to work on the machine. Really? What could possibly be broken on it that requires the road commission to continually block the road, even though they know that there is a chimney fire that is being responded to? And to constantly stop the fire departments from responding to that fire for “just a minute” could cost a family their home. A chimney fire even while being fought can turn into a house fire in seconds.

Let’s hope the fire departments can win the fight against this chimney fire; and that the road commission can learn to stay out of the way of fire departments responding to fire calls.

I certainly hope my complaint is passed along at the road commission and this doesn’t happen again. I’d hate for someone to lose their house while it takes “just a minute” for the road commission to move its equipment.