Deer feeding group needs help

To the editor:

Last year, we had an early and mild spring and the CLK Sportsman’s Club had six tons of deer feed left over for this past winter.

Last fall, we bought another 16 tons at $433 per ton. We raised money by selling raffle tickets, but as of the end of this March we have no money left in our account and we are out of deer feed. I was told the deer feed will cost $500 per ton now because of corn prices.

We still have a lot of deer feeding before the snow melts and the deer can fend for themselves. The club has about 12 registered feeding locations with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and each pay $100 out of pocket just to be able to have a feeding station.

Take a ride to Eagle River, not one of the registered feeding stations, and you will see about 200 deer and many small ones that may not make it another month or so without supplemental feeding.

Send any amount, no amount is too small, to: CLK Sportsman’s Club, P.O. Box 283, Calumet, MI 49913.

We would so appreciate it. Thank you.