Raffaelli photo display to return to the Dee

HOUGHTON – Despite Ralph Raffaelli’s death, his photo display will return to Dee Stadium this summer.

Houghton City Manager Scott Macinnes said Elise Nelson and Avis West have agreed to help with the Copper Country Historic Fair. Raffaelli’s wife, Barb Raffaelli, has emailed Raffaelli’s contacts for the display.

“We’ve had many calls from already people saying ‘Are we going to do it?’ that were going to put displays in that,” MacInnes said. “I told them, ‘Yes we are.'”

The fair will open June 10 and continue through the first week of September.

The former Houghton police chief, who died last month, was instrumental in local history. For several summers, he had organized a display of historical photographs in Dee Stadium, which he had been planning to do again this summer.

Councilor Gernot Joachim suggested a memorial for Raffaelli, either by naming the fair after Raffaelli or by having an exhibit dedicated to him.

MacInnes supported the idea. A display could be made from items from Raffaelli’s collection, which Barb Raffaelli has donated to the city, he said.

“We may take the plaque down for the summer that’s by the police department (and put it in the Dee), or have something similar to that,” MacInnes said. “We are going to dedicate that area to him, and in our brochures, we’re going to talk about the Ralph & Barb Raffaelli Historical Collection.”