Viau’s View/Scott Viau

Rereleases of older films on 3D often seem like nothing more than a cash grab. “Monsters, Inc.,” “Toy Story” and “Star Wars: The Phanton Menace” – all films released in 3D – but with “Jurassic Park” it didn’t really feel that way. Looking back, it appears as if 3D was already in Spielberg’s mind as he made it.

For all those who don’t know the plot of “Jurassic Park” – c’mon, what’s wrong with you? It’s been out for 20 years. OK, here’s what you should do: just go see the movie. Put down the paper and head out to your nearest theater that’s 3D capable and just enjoy the ride. But for those who like a little synopsis here you go: A group of dinosaur experts, a lawyer, some kids and a chaos theorist head to a park filled with genetically cloned dinosaurs in order to determine the potential success of the park. Needless to say, things don’t end up well.

“Jurassic Park” came out when I was nine and despite how much I love it now, at the time I really had no interest in seeing it, but my Mom insisted we go and I experienced something I had never experienced before in my nine years of being on this plant: pure movie magic. To say that it captured my imagination is an understatement.

I can’t think of a performance in the film that’s flawed or could have been better. Everyone gives one of their best performances – especially Joseph Mazzello and Ariana Richards, who play the kids in the film. The terror they portray manages to come through the screen and infect the audience. The film also introduced me to one of my favorite actresses – Laura Dern – and led me to such films such as David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet” and “Wild at Heart.”

One can’t talk about “Jurassic Park” without mentioning the special effects, which were, in a word, groundbreaking. Watching the film all over again on the big screen, even though it’s 20 years later, I’m glad to say the effects still hold up remarkably well, but that’s also because of the great animatronic work. That, blended with the CGI makes for some of the most realistic effects I have ever seen in film. It’s a shame that the CGI displayed in “Jurassic Park” is still better than some of the stuff out there today.

Watching the movie made me long for the days of the true summer tentpole movie. Nowadays there’s one every week spouting off why it’s the best movie of the summer. Back in 1993, there was only one and it was “Jurassic Park.”?

If you have kids and they haven’t seen it – take them. If your husband, wife, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, dog, cat or goldfish has not watched “Jurassic Park” now is the time to do so while you still have the opportunity to see it the way it was meant to be seen. Movies like “Jurassic Park” don’t come along very often. We were lucky to have gotten it in the summer of ’93 and we’re even luckier to get it again now.