Let’s make a deal

To the editor:

If “only tax can restore purchasing power” as suggested in a recent letter to the editor, then I wonder why the author was so against paying taxes on his pension when proposed by Michigan lawmakers? There are plenty of retirees who make more with their pensions, tax free I might add, than I do annually. Is it because that was proposed by a Republican or is he only in favor of taking my money? I’m not sure which is worse, to be so polarized and self-righteous, that you cannot enter into a conversation without blaming a Republican or to be so self-serving that you only want to increase others’ taxes.

Furthermore, I’m not sure why the letter writer is blaming Republicans for high wage earners. Why not use some of your energy to organize boycotts of those companies with multi-million dollar C-suites instead of continuing to blame former Presidents Bush and Reagan? To be quite honest, that song and dance is getting old. The deficit in 1984 when Reagan left office was 40 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Today the deficit is 107 percent of our GDP. Who is the more responsible leader, the one who reduces the public debt or increases it? I can tell you which one I’d rather have run my household.

I would like to demonstrate how gracious and accommodating we Republicans can be. I will make the letter writer and Democrats a deal. I will gladly succumb to the Clinton era tax rates, if and only if, you hold your socialist President Obama to the Clinton era budget.

Care to meet me half way? I doubt it.