Get past story-book piety

To the editor:

Another day, another young earth creationist going to pieces about how evolutionism = atheism. When is America going to grow up and get past the story-book piety which has made it the laughingstock of the civiized world?

No, evolution is not “proven” – almost nothing in science ever is. Science is about the construction of explanatory theories based on empirical evidence until something turns up that forces scientists to modify or abandon them.

That may happen someday to the theory of evolution, but in the meantime, the evidence for it is overwhelming, and the body of that evidence grows almost daily. Some scientists are atheists, some are not, but “atheism” plays no role in the process.

Millikin’s quote may be from 1925, and Darwin’s book from 1859, but what’s the letter writer’s point? The more “ancient” a work is the less credible it is? Well, there is considerable truth to that – but where does that put the Bible?


San Jose, Calif.